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Meanwhile, as evidence that some uniquely American freedoms are still extant — at least, in some government agencies — The Smoking Gun has used the Photostamps program to create legal postage featuring images of such honored people as Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, The Unabomber, Linda Tripp, and Monica Lewinsky’s soiled dress.
Whether there is actually a high tolerance for satire in the Photostamps program or the employees don’t have a clue who the people are in the photos is beside the point: what other country has stamps out there featuring a man who sent bombs through the mail? And what other country would even contemplate letting people create those stamps themselves?
This is the sort of thing that amazes me about our country. And it’s why fascists like John Ashcroft scare me so.
These stamps are hilarious satire to me, offensive to others. But they don’t harm our nation or its security, so laugh and move on.
How much you want to bet that the Photostamps program disappears soon?

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