Just As I Thought

Blank slate

Well, I’m moving right along in my plan to “blank” my walls — my red kitchen was painted white last month, and today I finished covering the dark blue/green walls in my bedroom. This is only the first step, as I have different colors planned for those two rooms; but since I had originally painted them very strong, deep, dark colors, I had to completely cover those colors before I could move on. Kind of like when I go blond — I have to completely bleach my brown hair, then put the blond color into it afterwards.
Anyway. Now I have blank rooms, and they’re going to stay like that for a little while — at least until the film festival is over and I make it through my November conference alive. After that, a light yellow in the kitchen and “Haze” in the bedroom.
Mmmm. Paint fumes.

You know, this entry is of little interest to anyone, including me. But isn’t it refreshing in the midst of politics and violence to just contemplate painting your bedroom?

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