Just As I Thought


The Bush administration constantly harps on how much safer we are under their benevolent protection. Let’s look at the Safety score, shall we?

  • We are no longer threatened by a contained Iraqi dictator who had lots of money stashed away inside his walls, but no way to build weapons that could reach or threaten us
  • Passengers on airplanes can no longer threaten us with nail clippers
  • It is much safer to walk in the middle of the street around the U.S. Capitol, because the cars have been banned
  • U.S. citizens will no longer have to worry about falling from the west front of the Capitol, plunging to serious injury 20 feet below, because the Capitol is now off-limits


  • Iraq, once the domain of an evil dictator who kept his people in line through fear and death, now no longer has that stability and has become a terrorist haven. Americans are killed nearly every day there. Iraq has become much more of a threat that it ever was when Hussein was in power
  • Osama bin Laden, the terrorist mastermind which the White House now never mentions, is still at large somewhere, probably plotting a horrifying attack
  • On Monday, the assault weapons ban expires. This means that on September 13, it will be legal in our country to carry military-style weapons with high capacity ammunition magazines. The Bush administration has done nothing to renew the ban

Yup. We’re much safer now.

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