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Patriotism is more than a flag

I’ve never seen such a coordinated effort at dirty tricks than the Republicans are pulling this year. Here’s the latest campaign strategy:

For some Republicans it is the perfect political storm: a Senate vote on a constitutional amendment to protect the U.S. flag that would put Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry, running mate John Edwards and Minority Leader Thomas A. Daschle on the spot just a few weeks before the Nov. 2 elections.

The Senate GOP leadership has not scheduled a vote on the proposed amendment, but Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) noted last week that it is a high priority for veterans groups. Other Republicans say a vote is likely before the Senate’s Oct. 8 target date for adjournment.

As senators, Kerry (Mass.), Edwards (N.C.) and Daschle (S.D.) have voted against the amendment and are described by colleagues as still opposed to it. But Kerry and Edwards, who rarely leave the campaign trail for Senate votes, are not expected to show up for the flag debate unless it appears their votes would be decisive.

As it appears now, the vote could be close enough to focus attention on Kerry and Edwards if they do not suspend campaigning to return for the roll call or if they do return and their votes turn out to be critical in defeating the amendment. Similarly, if Daschle turns out to cast the make-or-break vote, Republicans will almost certainly use it against him in his close race for reelection in South Dakota.

Some Republicans believe the three Democrats’ votes against the proposal — or absence when the roll is called — can be used against them effectively at a time of war, terrorism threats and heightened patriotism. If Kerry and Edwards vote against the amendment or fail to show up for the vote, “they’re going to have to explain why,” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.), a key backer of the proposal.

Let’s set aside the angry partisan bullshit for a moment, and just look at the wrong-headed nonsense. A constitutional amendment to “protect” the flag? How freakin’ stupid is this? The flag is a piece of cloth. It’s a symbol. That’s all. What is symbolizes is far more important — and the incredible, unbelievable, and unprecedented thing that it symbolizes is the right to desecrate it. This is the most amazing thing about our freedom that the right wing simply can’t stand: you have the freedom to criticize your country. You have the right to stand up and burn our flag to make your point.
The right wing — especially under George W. — is so terrified of dissent that they refuse to answer questions from citizens, close government buildings, block roads, and isolate leaders. Now they want to bring up, once again, a constitutional amendment to deny citizens the rights that the constitution gives them… and use the vote as a political campaign tool.
I think we know who’s the tool here, don’t we?

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  • Er…so we can vote on this stupid flag thing, but we can’t manage to have a vote on extending the ban on assault weapons? We are completely fucked as a nation.

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