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I just received a page from Arlington County, informing me that there will be military jets flying over the area, sometimes quite low, for the next couple of days.
Actually, there have been jets flying over my house for almost a week, swooping low over the Pentagon a mile or so away, then when they get to my house, kicking in their loud afterburners and zooming up high into the sky.
Some people might feel comforted and safe upon hearing and seeing this. I don’t. I feel like I am living in a frightened place, where the powers that be have created an illusion of security.
Imagine another airliner were to target the Pentagon. The only thing that military jet could do is shoot it down… whereupon it would crash into a populated area, possibly my front lawn.
And if the next attack should be a car bomb in front of Pentagon City mall, what would the jets do?

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  • So that’s what that was! Arlington was not nice enough to send me a note. I heard one pass by yesterday and thought for certain there was going to be a loud crash at the end of it…

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