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Old film

Remember the days when people used instamatic cameras, and your mom would take a snapshot of you to use up the last picture on the roll?
I guess that only old guys like me remember that, since cameras rarely have film anymore.
My mobile phone camera tends to work like that, though, holding pictures for a while until I get around to downloading them. Here are a few that have been sitting in the camera waiting patiently.

The big film festival party last week at Post Brassiere, with video projected about 30 feet high on the wall of the hotel. Hope we didn’t wake someone up by projecting into their rooms!

A couple of weeks ago, while buying plastic cutlery for the festival food functions, this interesting specimen turned up. You can buy bags of forks and knives in quantities of 50, but for some reason, the spoons came in packages of 51.

And while you’re trying to wrap your mind around that one, check out this bizarre cash register message:
I know how they can help me: by taking some classes in grammar.

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