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Like old times

I tuned in to the Emmy pre-show for just a moment, and was immediately presented with the ultimate in product placement: one of the hosts stepped out of a car and then proceeded to tell the audience all about it, a commercial right there in the middle of the show.
At first I was incensed with the increasing marketing intrusion, but then I realized that this was simply a throwback to an earlier era of television, one that has been absent so long that we are flabbergasted by it. The days when Lucy and Ricky would pause during the show and smoke a cigarette, telling the viewing public how satisfying their particular brand was.
Yeah, the good old days are back.
Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Oh, and one more thing that really annoys me: a national television network should have someone paying attention to such trivial matters as grammar. The graphics for the Emmy preshow say “COUNTDOWN TO THE EMMY’S 2004”.

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