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Ruining our fun

I should have known they wouldn’t get us have our fun. The Postal Server has discontinued the PhotoStamps program:

“We are disappointed with this outcome as it puts the PhotoStamps program into a state of limbo as the holiday season approaches,” Stamps.com CEO Ken McBride said in a statement.

… Last month, Stamps.com revised the program to prohibit photos of adults and teenagers after pranksters at the website The Smoking Gun claimed some success in getting pictures of notorious adults, including Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, past the company’s censors.

Nevertheless, Stamps.com declared the test a success. The company said an estimated 100,000 sheets, or 2 million individual PhotoStamps, were ordered in the seven weeks of the market test.

A notice posted on the PhotoStamps website urges customers to write to the USPS while it considers over the next 90 days whether to renew the program.

I don’t blame The Smoking Gun for making the fun end; but rather the post office, which obviously has no sense of humor.
Considering that I can put a photo of the Unabomber or Lewinsky’s dress on the envelope, what’s the difference whether it’s on a postage sticker?

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