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Little Green Men

Edwards slipped up and said that we need to gain the trust of leaders of “other worlds.”
Does he know something that we don’t?
Perhaps Cheney has been secretly meeting with more than just energy company CEOs?

Cheney’s starting to work in some sneaky little snotty remarks:
“You probably weren’t there to vote for that.”

Dick Cheney says now that Libya was one of the biggest threats in terms of WMD, and trumpets Khaddafi’s turning over of his nuclear materials. OK, so here is a country that has exported terrorism for decades, led by a dictator, who had nuclear materials. Why in the hell didn’t they invade Libya, not Iraq?
The Bush administration is inconsistent.

Take a look at this picture:
Just like in the earlier debate, the Republican just looks as if he hates to be touched — he shakes hands at arm’s length.

Cheney makes the claim of having created 1.8 million jobs during this term.
The funny thing is, he doesn’t tell how many were lost, making a large net loss overall. It’s called math. It’s not one of their strong suits. It’s like, oh, cutting taxes and then spending more. Mathematically inept.

You know, I love Gwen Ifill, but she is not great at reading off a teleprompter… especially when the boneheads set it up about 6 feet to the left of the camera, meaning that she looks off camera as she reads.

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