Just As I Thought

On the bandwagon, everyone

Well, I guess it’s only a matter of time before everyone has an online music store of their own, just like blogs.
AT&T Wireless now has a store. Just why they’ve done this, I know not; but so does Coke, so why quibble?
AT&T Wireless is a mobile phone company, so they have only one unique thing to leverage, mobile phones. So they have devised this completely pointless and ridiculous quirk: you can preview songs with your mMode phone (if you have the correct model), you can purchase them with your mMode phone. But you can’t download them to your mobile phone.
No, to download the music you have to go home and install the AT&T mMode Music Download Manager ActiveX Control on a Windows machine. You can’t download it to your phone, and you can’t transfer it from your PC to the phone. Meanwhile, you’ve paid all kinds of data charges to AT&T to browse through the music store on your mobile phone.
The whole exercise just makes one wonder, “why?”

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