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That new store smell

I was off to do last minute chores before I leave — gotta pick up my clothes at the cleaners (did you know that I am 38 years old and this is the first time I’ve ever sent my clothes to the cleaners?), pick up snacks for the road, and find a little cooler to keep water in.
I set off down the road to go to the drug store for the cooler, and the grocery store for snacks. Up the street a bit I noticed that the new traffic light was now working — it looked like our new Target was open!
There was once a small, uninteresting mall at King Street and South Jefferson Street at Skyline. Today, the mall has been completely gutted and transformed into just one store, a brand spanking new Target.
I shot across 4 lanes to turn left into the new store. Oooh… new carpet, really cool frosted glass signage along the roof… carts that no one had ever used yet. Shelves stocked with merchandise, nothing out of place, and the employees hadn’t even gotten plastic nametags yet, much less had time to grow jaded with their retail careers.
I love Target. I love that they have decent prices, a huge selection (far from one measly cooler, they had an entire aisle devoted to them), and I love that they give money to schools. Some could claim that they are just another big box store that pushes smaller businesses out, and that may be true. But they’re not brutal about it like Wal-Mart and — unlike Wal-Mart — they don’t pander to the lowest common denominator. They have good, solid products that bring good design to the masses.
And now there’s one a mile away from my house!

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