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One of the coolest things about my job designing publications for social studies teachers is the many interesting documents that come my way from the National Archives. The education staff there find the most amazing things — somewhere I have Cary Grant’s immigration papers. Neat!
There’s a film coming out soon called “National Treasure” that is based upon a treasure map that’s on the back of the Declaration of Independence.
Surprise! There’s no such thing. In fact, I happen to have a high resolution image of the back of the Declaration, which was taken recently when the document was removed from the old display case.
Wanna see it?
What’s really on the back is a handwritten notation: “Original Declaration of Independence dated 4th July 1776” — evidently written there early in its life, when it was rolled up for storage.
I’m just here to educate and edify you.


  • ::grin:: I have it on good (official) authority that this is not the case.
    Although, there is some crisco suspiciously smeared across the back of the Bill of Rights…

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