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Perhaps the title of this entry should have been “News Throwup.” Holy crap. We haven’t even started the second Bush term yet, and there’s all kinds of stuff to be outraged about.
How thrilling it’s all going to be… why harp on abu Graib when we now have soldiers cold-bloodedly shooting wounded men in the head. I’m sure that future attorney general Gonzales will find a way to make this legally acceptable. Meanwhile, an FBI informant bizarrely set himself on fire in front of the White House — not to protest Bush, but because the FBI wouldn’t let him return to Yemen to see his ailing wife. Of course, that’s the obvious option to take.
Senator Frist says that he’s going to bring back the anti-gay constitutional amendment in a few months, so I look forward to being called a pervert by our government again.
Speaking of which, Bush has tapped Ken Mehlman to run the RNC — yup, the party that includes in its policies the inclusion of discrimination into the constitution is now going to be run by the new, twenty-first century Roy Cohn… the “no comment” gay man.
Meanwhile, even the corrections in the Washington Post have a story to tell:

A Nov. 13 Real Estate article misstated the amount by which the Bush administration’s fiscal 2004 budget cut rental housing vouchers. It was $1.6 billion, not $1.6 million.

It’s a fabulous wonderland out there, folks.

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