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Second verse, worse than the first! Gooooooo Bush!

We all knew it — the second Bush term will be far worse than the first. Hard to believe, I know, but take a look at the plan that’s swung into action: clear out the dead wood, the cabinet level people who don’t fit into the cult, the ones who do and say things that draw attention away from the figurehead. Then, replace them with absolute, fundamentalist loyalists who have been in the inner circle all the time. One unified voice of doom and despair. Replace the outgoing people with much, much worse cronies.
John Ashcroft, defender of the constitution replaced with Gonzales, the man who architected al Griab prison torture and found a way to make it “technically” legal. (Compare that to Clinton’s “technically” not having sex with that woman, doesn’t seem like a big deal, does it?)
And now, replace the universally respected (perhaps the ONLY respected cabinet member) Colin Powell with… wait for it… Condoleeza Rice, who has done such a wonderful job of keeping the our nation respected throughout the world. Now Bush wants her to be our top diplomat.
I swear, I sometimes look at this stuff and think it’s all made up by some wily satirist.
[Via ABC News]

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