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I’ll take a green one

Speaking of people who have all the good jobs — are they the ones being targeted by luxury car manufacturers with their really annoying commercials at Christmas?
Is anyone other than me really pissy about the ridiculous ads showing rich white couples giving each other BMWs and Lexuses (Lexii?) with big red bows?
Do you know anyone who has bought a luxury car for someone at Christmas?
With so many people out of work, people going hungry and without shelter… it kind of makes me a little sick to see such incredibly ostentatious stuff like this. I mean, I feel a bit guilty about buying a new mobile phone, but it was $60,501 cheaper than a BMW.

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  • Guilty as charged. There was a time where I made good money and I tried to spread it around.

    For Mothers Day I bought my mother a Chrysler Lebaron convertable complete with the big red bow!

    At 63 the only new car she ever owned.

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