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Lovey was never like this

Holy crap — what an incredible bitch this “millionaire” Donna Beavens is on “The Real Gilligan’s Island.”
In the first segment of the show, she made comments about the sheet on her bed, saying that she could use it if she wanted to “do something” in bed with her husband. She’s sharing a hut with another couple, by the way.
But when the gay “professor” simply showed off a picture of his partner — not even making any comments of a sexual or purient nature — her response was:
“I don’t understand why gay people feel like we all have to know ‘I have sex with a guy!’ I mean, what’s the whoopdedoo? I don’t have to know who you’re having your sex with or what position or what way.”
Funny, she didn’t mind telling the other millionaire couple who she was having sex with at the beginning of the show.
I find that most bigots are big hypocrites, don’t you?

Meanwhile, when one team’s Skipper collapsed and had to be removed from the island for medical attention, Donna started making noises that she, too, almost collapsed; she constantly crowed about how she had earned her perk for the day by swimming in the first competition; she insists that she is a millionaire because of the way she was brought up (she must have been brought up to marry a successful guy then bitch, moan, and alienate everyone she met… by the way, she and her husband are worth less than $3 million… hardly close to Thurston and Lovey, and without any of their charm and kindness).


  • I loved how they had the caption for Donna and her hubby “Net worth: less than 3 million” while the caption for the other couple was “Net worth: over 500 million.” A little jab there?

    And those two models are pretty lame excuses for ‘movie stars.

    And isn’t that one Gilligan a cutie? But I only got up to the point when they played the theme music; I have attention deficit when it comes to reality tv.

  • Yup, the shorter Gilligan is adorable, as is the gay Professor.
    I watched it in little bits and pieces over the last 2 days.
    Gah, that lovely lady Donna even annoyed people on yesterday’s Ellen — when Ellen introduced them and mispronounced Donna’s last name, she got pissy and corrected Ellen twice, even though Ellen was in another studio and couldn’t hear.
    And that’s the thing that makes reality shows so unbearable for me: not the stupid game, but the people they pick to be on them.

  • Well you KNOW they must deliberately pick those people to create conflict… the silly competitions aren’t enough.

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