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Yeah, yeah — we all know that there is no more journalism and what used to be called “news” is now merely entertainment, but I’m still bugged by it. a little while ago, I heard this: “Coming up on WTOP, more information about the resignation of a top administration official.”
Would it have been so difficult to say “more information about the resignation of Tom Ridge”? I mean, wouldn’t people have stayed tuned in through the commercial anyway?

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  • Journalism died the second they started going after “market share” “News” is no longer driven by news it’s driven by market share and neilson ratings. It’s not written by “News men” its written by marketing people. Its not read on the air by Journalists its read by those people that got the highest rating in focus groups.

    News is dead!
    And with the death of news came the death of truth.

    And now you know how a moron got in the White House. There wasn’t any “Reporters” in the press pool. Nobody saw what was happening. All they saw was the piece of paper their producer handed them when he said. Here…Read this.

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