Just As I Thought

Won’t somebody think of the children!

There’s a fascinating (and lengthy) article in today’s Washington Post profiling the Parent’s Television Council. It’s scary — and laughable — to read about the poor woman who sits for hours every day watching such horrible smut as “Sex in the City”, logging each and every sexual situation so that she can warn people not to watch it.
It reminds me of those religious groups like Focus on the Family that warn people not to watch Disney movies because one frame contains a blurry nude image. Someone sat and watched that film frame-by-frame when they could have been, oh, spending time with their kids.
I’m so sick and tired of these conservative groups who try desperately to run our lives for us. Are they saying that parents are so stupid that they let their 10 year old kids watch “Sex in the City” or “Nip/Tuck?” I’m sure they also let their kids read Playboy and Truman Capote novels while eating their Cheerios.

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