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What’s old is new

Ah, Christmas shopping. I’m down to just a couple of people left to shop for, ones who are difficult if not impossible to buy for. My big problem is that I have a 4 year-old and a 1 year-old niece, and there is no end of colorful cool stuff that I keep seeing… and buying. It’s distracting.
Tonight I was at Radio Shack, and I saw this:
Yikes! I remember this exact same game back when I was in elementary school! Wow… maybe Mattel had huge stocks left when they went out of style in 1981, and decided that 20 years later, the time was right for a relaunch. I’m flabbergasted! Really!
(Whoa – that picture is way blurry — it’s an old fashioned electronic basketball game with flashing LEDs… high tech, circa 1977.)

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