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BBC Seven… BBC Heaven

I am a BBC fan. When I was in high school, I used to get flickering videotapes from England – “camera copies” made by setting up a camera in front of a TV screen – of unseen Doctor Who episodes. I enjoyed the adventures of the Doctor, but I was also fascinated by the snippets of the other programmes (as the British say) on the tapes. In 1992, I signed up for a videotape service by the BBC that sent the top shows around the world to expats. Unfortunately, they discontinued the service just as I subscribed.
I had to make do with PBS until the advent of BBC America, which I watch quite religiously. But with the insurgence of the Internet, now I have a much wider range of options!
Last Sunday, the Beeb launched BBC Radio 7, which broadcasts digitally in the UK… and streams live on the Internet! (Actually, almost all the radio services are now available on the net.) I’ve listened on and off to Radio 4 through the net, but I’m particularly interested in Radio 7, because it features radio versions of some of my favorite TV shows. Doctor Who is coming in 2003, but here are some of my other faves you should tune in to (all in Eastern time):

  • The League of Gentlemen (Tuesday, 5pm)
  • Yes, Minister (Wednesday, 4:30pm)
  • One Foot In the Grave (Friday, 4:30pm)
  • Dead Ringers (Friday, 5:00pm)

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