Just As I Thought

Gay apparel, indeed

When I got to the office today, there was a package waiting for me from the lovely lady who does all my t-shirts, mugs, pins, and that sort of thing.
I was a little bewildered when I saw what was in it. I thought for a moment that she had perhaps sent me a gift that was supposed to go to someone else, maybe a big burly guy with a handlebar mustache and the predilection for wearing studded collars and high top boots, a guy who wants his… um, toys to come in a nice carrying case. It’s not really my thing… and if it were, I’d prefer to start with something smaller.
Click to take a look at the gift, but only if you have a dirty mind like me.
If you want to know what the gift really is, read on…

It’s a nice stainless steel thermos in a carrying case.

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