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I’ve been having rotten luck with my Powerbook, and the latest problem is severely reduced battery life. A fully charged battery on my 15″ Powerbook now lasts about an hour — it should be 3 or 4.
I checked out Macintouch today for advice, and here’s what some brainiac posted:

Batteries last longest in laptops if the laptops are always plugged in. One of the factors that makes batteries have shorter lives is using them when not plugged in. People are tempted to run them unplugged through features such like light weight, small size, having WiFi, being adorable and fun to use, etc. So if your Mac users find their laptops to be more portable and used more frequently than PC users — and away from the charger — expect the Mac batteries to last shorter (and vice-versa).

Where I work (PC’s only) we have a policy to have laptops plugged in all the time — except where unavoidable (like on an airplane). Universal education for students to keep the laptops plugged in will help batteries from any brand last longer.

Gee, my battery does seem to last forever when the Powerbook is plugged in. Wow! I’ll bet my battery will last even longer if I never turn on the computer, what do you think?

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