Just As I Thought


I’ve been up for a few hours now. I woke up around 3:30 or so, it was thunder that woke me up. I lay in bed thinking how cool it was to hear thunder on the first day of winter… when I looked out my window, I could see a column of black, black smoke rising over the hill. I realized that it wasn’t thunder I had heard.
I stood there contemplating the possibilities, flashing back to September 11 when I saw a column of black smoke at the same spot.
Then, my mobile phone beeped, and Arlington County’s alert system clued me in on what was happening: a truck had exploded on I-395 near the Pentagon. It’s a bit more than a mile away, and yet it woke me up. That must have been quite an accident.
Meanwhile, I can’t get back to sleep; it’s still burning about 2 hours later; and I’m contemplating what a joy today’s commute will be.

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