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Poke my eardrums out

It’s day two of the fan.
Yesterday, one of the fans in the Mac here in my office which runs our website started to whine. Loudly. Annoyingly. (I decided this morning that it sounds like a swarm of metallic cicadas.)
This din is added to the constant noise from the company next to us — the person in the office behind the wall likes to make all his calls on a speakerphone — there he goes again as I write this — and whoever he calls seems to never pick up and doesn’t have voice mail. It’s a constant droning of telephone rings, the aural equivalent of having someone poke you in the arm repeatedly… for three years.
Meanwhile, back at home, I have a satellite TV receiver in my bedroom. It also has a really loud fan, at just the right loudness and pitch to make it impossible to sleep. So, I have another fan in the bedroom that I turn on at night just to cover the noise from the first one.
When did my ears get so sensitive? The noises that I encounter on a daily basis are enough to drive me batty; and they are so distracting and annoying that I often can’t hear what people are saying when there are competing noises. Thus, I feel that I am all at once hearing impaired and have overly sensitive hearing!
I think I should go to a silent order monastery; the only problem is, I’d probably hear more annoying noises there.

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