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It’s a compulsions

My office is in Silver Spring, Maryland.
All our forms, all our publications, our letterhead, our business cards — they all say Silver Spring.
So what mysterious force is it that compels people to send their mail to Silver Springs? Why, just when they have it right, does this paranormal phenomenon take over their hand and force that erroneous final S on the city?
It’s an unexplained mystery.


  • Sometimes, the metrobus destination signs read “Silver Sprgs” too. I find that annoying.

  • Maybe it’s the same group of people who often forget the ‘s’ is silent in Illinois.

  • For some reason that reminds me of a Gene Weingarten column where he says he actually heard a a Metro train operator pronounce the ‘Grosvenor’ station correctly, and as he said, “I wept.”

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