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More Variety, Less Commercials!

Well, since there’s at least one listener out there — and don’t we wish that other broadcasters were that narrowly focused — I programmed a new lineup for g-world Radio 2 this weekend. It’ll go live precisely at 12:00 noon Eastern with three hours of new stuff. (Click the Radio 2 icon over there on the sidebar.) Since I don’t have what you’d call a wide pipe, it’s still a 32kbps stream, but it’s in stereo. It’s like having two AM receivers on either side of you. Yea, high tech!
Now, imagine listening to this technical extravaganza on, say, one of the very nice Harman Kardon audio setups my cousin Kirk is trying to sell me. Definitely a treat for the ears, eh?
Now here’s the question for you loyal listeners: should I replace the old 3-hour playlist completely, or just add in the new stuff, which would result in a 6-hour loop of programming?

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