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If I had 33 million dollars

Looks like NBC is finally taking the leap, converting Late Night with Conan O’Brien (and eventually, Saturday Night Live) over to high definition. The reason for the wait? They wanted to do it right: tapeless.
Evidently, the new workflow will mean that pictures go from HD camera direct to disk — the Conan show’s server has 11 terabytes of space, which translates to 11,000 gigabytes. (In my entire house, including the TiVo, I have 820 gigabytes. Only 10,180 to go.)
If that’s not cool enough, this tapeless facility means that other departments, like the people who make the promos, can dip into the server and scoop up fresh footage without waiting for someone to dub it off onto a tape, and it’s all first-generation quality.
I’d love one of these setups; not to actually do any work, but just to play with for hours and hours.

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