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Better get a credit increase

So, I’m not sure if I clued you in or not, but I did go ahead and order a Roku HD1000 streaming media thingy. My main concern was that I didn’t have enough component inputs on my TV, but it turns out that the Roku has a component pass-through, and even implements a screen saver if the passed-through source stays still too long.
So, I’m waiting for it to arrive and thinking that I’ll keep all kinds of video on my Mac, ready to stream on demand to the Roku.
Then came today’s announcement of the Mac Mini, and I realized: I could pick up a Mini and put on the shelf with the Roku, no keyboard or display, and use it as a media server. Yeah, between the $300 for the Roku and the $500 for the Mac, it would be pricey for only 40GB… but it would be fun, wouldn’t it?

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