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Wow. We’ve certainly learned the power of water in the last month, from Asia to California to Ohio… and here in DC, we had a bit of a scare today ourselves.
It started around 2am, when the weather alarm in my house woke me up with threats of floods and tornadoes. By 7am, roads were closed everywhere and flash flood alarms were going off.
Still, I made it to work, although taking alternate routes because the road I usually take along Rock Creek was closed.
On the way home this afternoon, Rock Creek Park had opened again. It was still awfully scary driving through there; in some areas there was just standing flood water (those are picnic tables that are usually about 30 feet from the creek):


And farther down the road, after all the bends and twists, the creek had become a torrent of white water, running right alongside my car:


Nothing at all, compared to the images coming from devastated parts of the world and our own country… but pretty unusual for Washington, DC.

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