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Found: One Hot Spot

Every time I’d been up to Palo Alto, it seemed like a tiny hamlet with little to do and nothing to see. I kept looking for a mall, a theatre, anything at all to make it seem like another city. Finally, last night, I found it — a hoppin’ street called University Avenue, which on Friday night reminds me of Georgetown back home — only newer. Parking was just as difficult, and the sheer number of people there was, well, more than I’d seen anywhere since moving.
(I say Georgetown, but now that I think about it, it seemed more like what Clarendon has become back home — for those of you in the know.)
I was there to meet up with L. (don’t you love the alphabet of guys I go through?) for coffee and a first tentative meeting; he is unlike the guys I usually go out with in that he is tall and muscular, and one of our stops while walking around was the GNC store for a barrel of some kind of stuff that only my cousin the weightlifter would understand. Another stop included Restoration Hardware, so we’re compatible in that sense. ::grin::
Shades of my post yesterday — and probably the subconscious cause of it. I was my typical nervous self on meeting someone new, but that was compounded by my feelings of being short, being overweight, getting over a cold, being a stranger in a different town… all of it. Walking next to a tall, good looking, gym boy. Life is screwing with me, isn’t it?
See, this is the thing that always makes me depressed — the idea that there was something about my personality, be it via IMs, emails, or my writing, that makes people want to get to know me. But there’s something about meeting me in person that just makes people want to run away from me.
Of course, I wouldn’t presume that this is what’s going to happen in this situation, it’s only been 12 hours since I met him. But wouldn’t it be nice if, like with B., the unthinkable happened and we actually got along?

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  • L eh? Let me know when you get to T, I’ll come down for a visit. Being considerably older and substantially fatter you can take me out and as we walk down the street you’ll be the pretty one.

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