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Speaking of kung-fu grip…

Isn’t this bizarre: Fark points out that the AP Wire has posted an article about the alleged kidnap of a soldier in Iraq. The article says that a photo of the hostage was posted on a web site run by Iraqi militants. It says that the solder is “stiff and expressionless.” Here’s the photo:


I don’t know what sort of editors they have at the AP, but that certainly looks like a miniature to me. I’ve watched enough sci-fi and disaster movies to recognize the scale.
What’s more, someone on Fark found a photo of the actual doll being used in this image:


I can’t help wondering — why haven’t media companies learned that you can’t believe everything that appears on the web?
God, I hope this is all a joke.

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  • Ummm, those things on his vest- they’re shells. What sort of self-respecting insurgant would allow a prisoner to remain armed while in captivity.
    And as far as the rest of his gear, it’s a pretty safe bet they’d strip him of that as well.
    Now I really don’t think it’s real….. thank God.

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