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Desperate Houseboys

As I sit here on the couch, alone on Valentine’s Day and looking at ads for male escorts (research for that last posting, I assure you) I come to the realization that I could be making wodges of cash selling my body, such as it is.
“But wait”, you say, “You’re hardly male model material!”
Ah, but it’s all relative. For instance, if this guy can do it, I’m certainly more than qualified.


  • I’m sorry but that picture just made me snort my coffee out through my nose and all over my computer. I think a NSAH (at home, or anywhere else for that matter) should be attached to that link!

  • Just be glad I didn’t post the profile of the 60-something, 300 pound guy who was nude and in gynecological poses.

  • Just when I thought life was over…You gave me new hope as an escort. Wow 3-500 an night? That’s brave

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