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Do not taunt iPod Shuffle

Yeah, I am a total gadget whore; but I tell you, I love my iPod Shuffle. You know why? It’s tiny. I’ve been using it not just for music, but for data as a USB drive. It’s so small that it’s easy to cart between home and work and it has much more space than most USB thumbdrives — I have mine set for 512mb of music and 512mb of disk space.
So far, I’ve resisted the urge to chew on it like a pack of gum.
I love my iPod mini, too (and my original, first generation iPod from years back), but even at the mini’s small size, it’s a little more annoying to use it for files due to the fact that I must bring along a dock or cable. The Shuffle just plugs in directly. Sweet!


  • Yeah, got the Shuffle myself for the exact same reason. I love my 3G 10GB iPod, but it’s not very convinent to carry that can a FireWire/USB2.0 cable around to copy files and what not. I’m quite happy despite the berratement of some friends who think I’m crazy to have 2 iPods. Though they think nothing of the fact I have 4 PCs, and a PowerBook.

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