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So, evidently, someone has hacked Paris Hilton’s T-Mobile Sidekick.
I feel so out of touch after seeing this story, because:

  • What’s so big about Paris Hilton? Isn’t she some stupid heiress who has become famous for being… well, stupid?
  • What is a Sidekick?
  • How in the world do you hack it? Is the content on a Sidekick stored on a T-Mobile server somewhere instead of the device itself?

Meanwhile, it seems that all the pictures on the thing were of her… narcissistic or was the whole hacking thing a publicity stunt? And all those celebrity phone numbers that were on it, everyone who has called them simply gets voice mail. Are they real?
And does anyone care (other than the bizarre Paris Hilton cult of personality?)

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  • Paris who?

    I keep hearing her name in passing and I get the same feeling I had when Boy George burst on the scene.

    Some jackass is famous for being famous?

    At least Boy George did have some talent and I haven’t ever heard that word used when I over hear people talking about Paris.

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