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It’s called a calculator

I know that a lot of people, from bloggers to tech columnists, have debunked the Napster ad — you know, the one where they say that filling an iPod with 10,000 songs will cost $10,000; whereas Napster is unlimited for $15. By now, everyone knows that you’re only renting the Napster music, and if you don’t pay the $15 one month, it all goes away… and the stuff on your iPod is yours. Of course, most people don’t fill their iPod with music they purchased from iTunes, they fill it with CDs they already have.
The thing that they have missed in this commercial is the outright lie about the cost of music on an iPod. 10,000 songs from the iTunes music store, assuming you bought each one separately and not as an album (which is cheaper), the total cost would be $9,900.
Sorry. I’m just in a pedantic mood.

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  • Hey! A few days ago you said you had trouble with math?

    “I think the major stumbling block to losing weight is the math.”

    You must be a quick learner. You’re doing fine now!

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