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Woo! The big ol’ new trailer for the Hitchhiker’s Guide movie is now on the official website, and as a good geek, I’m scrutinizing it frame by frame.
For example, in whatever revision of the Guide they’re using, Web Nixo hasn’t quite finished proofreading. The entries around the topic “movie trailers” are:

  • marvin
  • margrathea
  • milky way
  • missle
  • montezuma’s revenge
  • moon rat
  • morse code
  • motion sickness
  • mozambique
  • mullet
  • murad IV
  • muriate of potash
  • muscovite
  • mutation
  • myopia
  • myxomycete

And as every pedantic Hitchhiker’s fan like me knows, it’s spelt Magrathea.

image Another thing we pedants know is that the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy includes those now very large and famously friendly letters on the cover spelling “Don’t Panic.” Is it too ridiculous of me to point out that the book in the trailer doesn’t seem to have this most important of features on the cover? At least, the front cover?

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