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You know, it’s amazing to me — all these years I didn’t think I had any “gaydar,” but it turns out that those twinges and crushes were right on the money. The hunky John Barrowman, who I had a thing for back in the early 90s — and who is set to appear in the new Dr. Who series — evidently came out of the closet a few months ago. Woo hoo!!
After all, that means that I now have a chance with him, right? ::grin::

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  • I’ve been told that for a straight guy, my gaydar is pretty good. With that being said, what’s the deal with Jude Law? I know he’s been married and all, but every time I see him in something (and not just ‘Wilde’) it’s just PING PING PING PING.
    Same thing with Mark Cuban.

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