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I thought gay people came in six packs

I reprint this item in its entirety (via Queer Day) because there’s really nothing more I can add to it to make it any funnier.

Move over Tinky Winky and SpongeBob SquarePants. When department store Marshall Field’s employed a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs theme for its 2004 holiday festivities, the Chicago-born retailer received some complaints that it was promoting gayness, an executive said recently. The “concerned citizens” divined that there was a “hidden gay agenda” in Field’s theme “because seven men were living together,” Gregory Clark, vice president of creative services for Field’s in Minneapolis, recounted last month at a Retail Advertising & Marketing Association conference in Chicago.

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  • Well you know its TRUE!

    Read the story….All seven of them living and working together and their so happy and gay they whistle while they work!

    Think about it all seven living together and a stunningly beautiful woman moves in with them and not a one of them makes a pass at her.

    Why thet are so GAY none of them even sneeks a peek at her tits!

    Sorry… the truth has to be told.

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