Just As I Thought

Why are we waiting?

The movers were supposed to be here between 9am and noon. In anticipation, I woke at 5am and finished up the last minute packing — the pillows I was sleeping on, the TiVo — and waited.
And waited and waited.
It’s now 2pm, and no truck. To make matters worse, every phone number I’ve called is in an empty, closed office — I’ve even called the Allied Van Lines corporate customer service number, which is also closed. They all say they’ll call me back Monday, which does me little good.
If you are a nationwide shipping corporation, and your trucks move on weekends, don’t you think your customer service department should also answer phones those days?
I’m getting a bit stressed right now. Especially since I’ve been up since 5am with no television, internet, or anything to read; and the game “Nomia” I like to play on my PowerBook doesn’t seem to work under the new “Tiger” OS. I’m going batty.

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