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The wait goes on

Yesterday around 4pm, I just finally lost it in a blaze of profanity and a near aneurysm. After calling every number even remotely associated with the van lines, I came across a phone that rang in the home of the retired father of the president of the company. He called his son and rang me back to tell of a transfer of responsibility — evidently, responsibility for my shipment was transferred from Company A to Company B. So, I tried to find the number for Company B… and of course, they were closed on weekends.
Another call to Father, and I asked him to have his son call me directly. An hour later, success: he explained that Company B had decided to transfer the shipment BACK to Company A, but didn’t notify A about it.
Long, long, long story short: President of Company A has arranged for a pick up this morning, a day they don’t usually work. In the end, I lost an entire day from my hectic schedule and a little bit of my sanity. Here I sit, waiting for Attempt #2.
I’m never moving again. I swear.

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