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Anne Bancroft

Anne BancroftHow can this be?
I am genuinely distressed — the wonderful Anne Bancroft passed away yesterday of uterine cancer.
She was a fantastic actress, from Annie Sullivan to Mrs. Robinson; my favorite roles were in the remake of “To Be or Not To Be” and her portrayal of author Helene Hanff in “84 Charing Cross Road.”
I’m just so flabbergasted at this terrible news that I don’t know what to say — director Mike Nichols had the presence of mind to comment:

“Her combination of brains, humor, frankness and sense were unlike any other artist,” Nichols said in a statement. “Her beauty was constantly shifting with her roles, and because she was a consummate actress she changed radically for every part.”

There are some people who share this planet with us — you may not ever meet them — who you suddenly feel the absence of. Anne Bancroft is one of them.


  • I totally agree with you, Gene. I thought she was incredible in two films: The Miracle Worker and
    The Turning Point, in which she played a faded but beautiful and talented ballerina. What a great lady. I rank her up there with Audrey Hepburn and Lauren Bacall, who thankfully is still with us.


  • As sad as I too feel about this, my heart is simply crying for the amazing Mel Brooks. As you may know, Mel and Ann were married for years, and not just married, but HAPPILY married. I would advise anyone to do some searches on this relationship and it will become very clear how much these two got along. They made each other laugh out loud every day when they were together. I have heard numerous tales from those who knew / worked with them how they just made sense to each other.
    There is a morbid thought in my mind, how when one goes, the other soon follows- as if to say ‘what is life without her?’ I love Mel Brooks an I certainly hope he continues on for many years, yet a part of me wants him to once again be with the one he loves.

    …God bless them both.

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