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They can use the puffy shirts from Colonial House

Well, we’ve seen 1900 House, Frontier House, and Manor House… but the most bizarre and alien era yet is about to be explored: The 70s House.

Imagine a world without cell phones, without broadband Internet access, where music had to be bought at a store.
If you’re older than, say, 25, you don’t have to imagine such a world so much as recall your childhood. For the slightly younger, though, entering such a place might result in some degree of shock, and perhaps a few nutty hijinx.

Or so MTV is hoping, anyway, with a new series called “The ’70s House.” The cable network’s take on history-immersion experiences like PBS’ “Frontier House” will take a dozen Digital Age kids and place them in an environment that aims to re-create life as it was in the days of disco.

“This series will test our audience — and our contestants — to see if they’re hip to the jive of 1970s kitsch,” says Lois Curren, head of series entertainment at MTV. “Eating, sleeping, and breathing the 1970s will be a whole new world for these kids, who weren’t even born when this decade hit the first time around.”
Comedians Bil Dwyer (“I Love the ’90s”) and Natasha Leggero (“Joe Schmo 2”) will host the show as Bert and Dawn, swingin’ throwbacks to the Leisure Suit Era. The participants will take part in 1970s-themed contests and meet such icons of the decade as Erik Estrada and Deney Terrio, with the goal of winning a bundle of prizes. They’ll also be penalized for using more modern conveniences and even time period-inappropriate slang.

SuperDelicious, which produced the Andy Dick series “The Assistant,” is behind “The ’70s House” as well. The show is scheduled to premiere Tuesday, July 5.


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