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Tommy PuettTV Land is showing a big line up of old Warner Brothers TV shows today, ostensibly for the Warner Bros. 50th anniversary — I can only assume this must be the 50th anniversary of Warner’s TV department, because WB was churning out films long before 1955.
Anyway, my DVR is filled with shows featuring those gorgeous guys — all with mullets — that I had crushes back in the late 80s: Jason Bateman, Jeremy Licht, Tommy Puett (pictured). Yeah, they were probably far too young for me back when I was on the cusp of my 20s, but I just knew they’d grow up hot… and both Jeremy and Jason did. Tommy? Well, I have no idea what happened to him. The internet really doesn’t seem to have a clue about him after “Life Goes On” and a couple of movies. Another teen idol fizzles out…
By the way, now that I’ve seen the various incarnations again, I can safely say that “Valerie” was much better once she was offed and it became “The Hogans.” Love that Sandy Duncan!

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  • [NOTE: This comment has been removed. I deemed it an unfair personal attack posted by an anonymous commenter.
    I received an email from Tommy Puett on May 23, 2008 demanding its removal. Please note that I did not remove this comment because of spurious threats of legal action, but because it was posted three years ago when this blog had no moderation, was a personal attack, and was from an anonymous poster.]

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