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Stirred, not shaken

Just a little while ago, I was looking at today’s list of earthquakes, just in time to see that a 7.something earthquake had struck just out to sea north of San Francisco. My mind began connecting it with a barking jag from Diego and other neighborhood dogs around 8pm or so when it struck; but I dismissed that as silly since it wasn’t felt at all here.
When I picked up the phone to call Jann to tell him about the earthquake, the program I was watching was interrupted with an emergency message — I assumed it was from last night, because I was watching a recording of “Medium” from last night. Surprise! Here’s a killer piece of technology from Comcast: it was a current emergency broadcast, and the DVR stopped playing the recording to display it.
Evidently, we’re under a Tsunami warning right now, with a potential wave to hit the beaches around San Francisco in about 10 minutes. Of course, I live well inland with big old mountains between me and the ocean, so I’m hardly worried… the only thing that concerns me is the possibility that a 7.0 offshore earthquake presages more earthquakes to come.
So far, my only earthquake preparedness has been to screw my new TV down to the furniture it sits on…

[Update: the warning has been canceled. By the way, for some reason my blog keeps timestamping my entries an hour earlier than it should… I posted this at 9pm, not 8 as the tag says. So no, I can’t predict earthquakes!]

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