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Revelation of the Daleks

One of the cool things about the new series of Doctor Who is the way they’ve worked continuing storylines — or rather, hints — through the series.
Since the beginning, the words “Bad Wolf” have appeared in each episode, creating a cultish speculation that reminds me of shows like “Lost.” The whole “Bad Wolf” scenario is coming to a head this weekend with the season finale, and speculation is rife about who or what Bad Wolf will turn out to be.
Today I’ve been going through the entire series and I had a revelation — I suddenly realized who Bad Wolf is… or, at least, who I think it is. I realize that few of my readers are Dr. Who fans, and even fewer have seen the new series since it’s not on in the U.S., but I’ll still keep it to myself until after the jump.

It’s Adam!
Let’s see: we know from the end of the episode “Bad Wolf” that the Daleks are behind the “long game” that has made Earth ripe for conquest; and the major component of that plan was the broadcasts from Satellite Five… where Adam had access to the computers and had a portal installed in his head.
Of course, Adam knew about the Daleks from his experiences in “Dalek”, where his boss’ code name was Bad Wolf. That story took place in 2012. Seven years earlier, in 2005, a young kid spray painted “Bad Wolf” on the TARDIS in the suburbs of London. Was this Adam at 10 or 11 years old?
Adam was present for “The Long Game” and “Dalek,” two episodes that presage the final story, which brings the TARDIS back to Satellite Five. At the end of “The Long Game,” Adam was left on Earth back in his own time, with his brain connection intact. Could he have been a repository of future information for the Daleks?
Am I right? We’ll find out in just a few days. Meanwhile, let me leave you with this list of occurrences of “Bad Wolf” throughout the series just so you can keep up.

  • Episode Two: The End of the World
    The Moxx of Balhoon tells the Face of Boe that being trapped on the exploding Platform One is “the classic Bad Wolf scenario…”
  • Episode Three: The Unquiet Dead
    Gwyneth the parlour maid looks into Rose’s mind and sees “The Big Bad Wolf”
  • Episodes Four and Five: Aliens of London
    A child graffiti’s “Bad Wolf” onto the side of the TARDIS
  • Episode Six: Dalek
    Eccentric billionaire Henry van Statten’s has the security call sign “Bad Wolf One”
  • Episode Seven: The Long Game
    In the year 200,000 there’s a TV channel called BadwolfTV
  • Episode Eight: Father’s Day
    “Bad Wolf” is scrawled across a 1980s club poster
  • Episodes Nine and Ten: The Empty Child
    The missile about to land on the Chula spaceship in 1941 has “Schlechter Wolf” written on it
  • Episode Eleven: Boom Town
    The nuclear power station about to destroy Cardiff is called “Blaidd Drwg”.
  • Episode Twelve: Bad Wolf
    The corporation running the GameStation is called Bad Wolf.

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