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Well, I just watched the season finale of Dr. Who, and was blown away — not by the specifics of the plot line or the special effects, but by the way that this show’ revival has turned on character development. That’s something that the old show tended to let fall by the wayside, but this series has relied on it, right up to the end.
I’ve decided to not reveal any spoilers, figuring that the vast majority of Americans haven’t seen the new series; but I will let you off the hook about my previous Bad Wolf posting: I was completely, totally wrong about my prediction.
I will tell you this about the finale without fear of spoiling anything: Gee, remember all the flap back in 1996 about the Doctor kissing his female companion? Well, let’s see what the fundies have to say about this! Captain Jack finally gets to kiss the Doctor!

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  • “Fundies,” I like that.
    Anyhoo, I don’t think it’ll be much of an issue as I can’t imagine an ultra-right-winger that would watch the program. It’s kinda like Harvey Firestien saying “and did you see what the Reverand Swaggert was wearing last week

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