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Same story, different place

Is it because they’re people we don’t know? Because their culture is alien to us? Because they don’t speak the same language? Because we’re so jaded from the frequency of the events?
Why do we not have blanket coverage of terrorist bombings in Iraq, where again today double-digit numbers of people were killed by a series of bombs?
This happens constantly in Iraq, a country where terrorist bombings were unheard of until the chaos of this war opened up the country to be overrun with terrorists. That doesn’t seem to be big news.
But bring that horrific activity to London or another western country, and it becomes a huge event.
I don’t want to diminish the death and destruction that visited London… but perhaps constant, commercial-free coverage of every terrorist attack in Iraq will cause some people to think about what’s happening there, who’s to blame, and whether there is any way of stopping it.


  • You want your story to be heard.
    1. Be white
    2. Be pretty
    3. Be a baby
    4. Be Christian
    5. Have money

    Londoner’s make the cut with #1, 5 and 4. Their in, and will stay in the news for a while.
    The women and children of Iraq? don’t connect with any of the top five. (no score no news)
    Brittany Spears cut her finger today! 1,2,4,5… SCORE…Page one story.
    10,000 African women die from AIDS (no score no news)
    Paris Hilton pregnant ! 1,2,3,4 & 5… HUGE SCORE…Page one story.

    Don’t believe me?
    Laci Peterson, 1,2,3 and 4 (two deaths and YEARS of news)
    100,000 dead in India from a tsunami? (no score just a blip on the news cycle)

    I could go on but you get my point.

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