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I was excited to learn that the new Logo channel — the “gay and lesbian” cable channel — is getting ready to air Wonderfalls, and will be the first time that the entire series has been broadcast in the US.
Then I looked at their website.


The text explains how the main character, Jaye, thinks she’s going insane after animal toys start talking to her… and that text is in a big circle placed right over Jaye’s face. Anyone would think, from this image, that Mahondra, Jaye’s friend, is the main character, with her smiling face front and center in this now unfortunately cropped image.

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  • No doubt done by another expert graphic designer. Much like the logo you posted earlier with the young child and adult about to….Oh never mind.

    First off I can’t believe a designer did it and secondly how in hell did it make through review?
    Didn’t anyone check it out and approve it?

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