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Too much, too late

All the techies are abuzz over this new interface idea called Fold n’ Drop. Basically, using special mouse gestures, you make windows fold over like pieces of paper so that you can reach behind them to drag objects.


In the Mac OS, you either press a function key or slide your mouse to the corner to invoke Exposé, which moves windows out of the way so that you can drag objects… or provides other behaviors that make dragging between or finding windows a snap. And this has been around for a while, as well.

So, what’s the big deal with this half-assed Fold n’ Drop idea?

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  • I LOVE Exposé. I’ve gotten so used to it on my iBook at home, that sometimes on my Dell at work I find myself reaching for the F11 key and wondering why all my windows aren’t magically whisked aside.

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