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Hacks and spend

Remember when the Republicans used to be the ones who called for cuts in spending?

GOP leaders this week sent House Republicans home for the summer with some political tips, helpfully laid out in 12 “Ideas for August Recess Events.” Drop by a military reserve center to highlight increased benefits, the talking points suggest. Visit a bridge or highway that will receive additional funding, or talk up the new prescription drug benefit for seniors.

Having skirted budget restraints and approved nearly $300 billion in new spending and tax breaks before leaving town, Republican lawmakers are now determined to claim full credit for the congressional spending. Far from shying away from their accomplishments, lawmakers are embracing the pork, including graffiti eradication in the Bronx, $277 million in road projects for Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), and a $200,000 deer-avoidance system in New York.

… When lawmakers return in the fall, they are almost certain to vote for more tax cuts. They also will vote on a huge new defense spending bill. But proposals for cutting entitlement programs including Medicaid have yet to pick up much support.

“If you look at fiscal conservatism these days, it’s in a sorry state,” said Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), one of only eight House members to vote against the $286.5 billion transportation bill that was passed the day before the recess. “Republicans don’t even pretend anymore.”

I wouldn’t trust these people to manage money for a PTA, a homeowner’s association, or a church. Only in their strange, topsy-turvy world can you cut taxes and then spend more. Doesn’t anyone know how to do simple math?

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  • Only in America.

    Steal $20 from a 7-11 and you get Life in prison.
    Steal $20 million from investors and you get 3 years in jail.
    Steal $200 million from the people and you get re-elected.

    Write bad personal checks and you’ll go to jail.
    Spend company money you don’t have and you’ll go bankrupt.
    Spend billions of dollars you don’t have on a federal level….

    You get to pick the next Judge on the Supreme court of the United States

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